Friday, November 2, 2007

Ask Us "How To" Make Chocolate Milk!

In our Writer's Workshop for the past two weeks, we have been talking and writing about what we are experts at. The children came up with all kinds of things they are experts at: making waffles, walking the dog, brushing their teeth, and carving a pumpkin. To write a "How To" book, children think through a procedure, step by step, starting from the beginning to the end. Then they draw the sequenced events on special "How To" paper which had three small boxes on the side to draw the picture and lines on the other side to write the directions. I thought it would be fun to have a shared class exper-ience for a "How To" - and that was making chocolate milk. I sat in front of the class and had all my "ingredients" lined up - the milk and the chocolate. Then I had the cups and spoon ready for stirring. I poured the milk, squeezed in the Hershey's syrup, and stirred vigoriously...voila chocolate milk! (Some critics suggested more chocolate and some wanted more stirring.) After doing this a few times, students went back to their seats and wrote the steps of "How to make chocolate milk." At the closing time of Writer's Worshop, some students shared their "How to" and all of us had some really tasty chocolate milk!!

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