Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Math Journals

Math journals are a tool that we use every day.  It started in Kindergarten when children may start with writing their numbers and making representations to now when they are writing number bonds and figuring out word problems. It is a way to start Math time and focus on either a review or enrichment activity. The assignment is read before students start and are given a few minutes to focus and get their answers written. It is then reviewed with the whole class and students get to share their answers and model the thinking behind their answers with the class.

Interactive Skills Block

Skills Block is a favorite part of the children's morning. Each day they have an activity that enhances their learning and helps them in some way make sense of their word wall words and word families. Today the students worked in teams to find the letters and make the words that they have been learning with all week. On the back they will build the word families by just changing the beginning sound. For instance, they make say, "If I can spell -ake, I can spell make, cake, bake, take, wake, and fake."  By learning the word families, they have the opportunity to learn so much more about how words work.

Kindergarten: Week One

We have assembled our Kindergarten Class of 2019-2020. Completing the first week has been a transition of learning the rituals and routine...