Saturday, November 18, 2017

Powwow - 2017

Our Inuits...2017

Powwow Day - 2017 - Inuit

Minutes before lining up for the Powwow...

Family Night - Make and Take - Inuit

Our family night this week was centered on the dwellings of the Inuit tribe. Even though most Inuits do not live in igloos, they do use them on extended hunting and fishing trips. These representations were made with half a water bottle, cotton balls, and glue.

Powwow: Learning About the Inuit Nation

Our November Social Studies Unit is learning about Native Americans. Each Kindergarten class focused on a Native American Nation and learned about their food, clothing, and shelter. The tribes represented this year were the Lenape, Iroquois, Seminole, Nez Perce, Sioux and our tribe Inuit. We learned about the Northern Lights and Inuit folklore. Students were invited to make an Inuit child representation on a cardboard cutout and they were displayed in the school lobby.

Literacy Character Parade 2017

On October 31st, students were invited to wear their favorite literary character costume to school. Together with the costume they carried the book that they were representing. We paraded around the first floor of the school with older grades watching and them remembering when they did the same thing a few years ago. This is another tradition that makes our school a very special place of happiness and memories.

Kindergarten Pow Wow 2019

Our tribe this year was the Inuit. Our students learned about the Inuit culture which included their food, housing and shelter. They sang ...