Letter Combinations and Blends Chart

We have had several requests for the above "Letter Combination" chart. We alternate this chart with the below "Blends" chart every day. Students chant it as "ay, ey, ai See kids play, etc." They see these letter combinations in their reading and use them in their writing. These two charts are also kept in easy eye-sight for students to refer to as needed. Smaller charts are also put into their writing folders and reading bins earlier in the year to use as reference tools.


Thank you for posting this so soon after I asked about it! I've been working on the sounds that are on cards, but i love this poster. I'll be making one soon. Thanks again.
Mrs. Secrist said…
Where do you get your picture cards?
The picture cards were "blown up" from a worksheet.
Leslie Lim said…
First time I commented in a blog! I really enjoy it. You have an awesome post. Please do more articles like this. I'm gonna come back surely. God bless.

linda said…
Hi, I am really in need of this poster. Can you please tell me the name of the book you blew up these pictures from.
I think the pictures came from clip art. mm

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