Friday, February 3, 2017

"Sleepover" Camping Out Under the Stars

 Today was the First Grade "Sleepover" - Camping Out Under the Stars. Students came to school in their pajamas had a whole day of sleepover activities. It started with a parade around the school with them holding their pillows and flashlights. The cupcakes are compliments of one of our room moms (Nicole). It was a memorable day for the kids.

Working on our Analogies

Students worked in groups on analogies in Writer's Workshop. Children wrote opinions about restaurants, ice cream stores, movies, games and sports. Those that wrote on the same topic, worked in groups and organized their analogies. 
They made beautiful cover and title pages for their collections.
Afterwards, the groups presented to the class. It was a wonderful way for them to talk about their opinions on the same subjects, collect their data, and report to the class.

Kindergarten: Week One

We have assembled our Kindergarten Class of 2019-2020. Completing the first week has been a transition of learning the rituals and routine...