Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Time for The Mall-ards

It is hard to believe that our Kindergarten journey has come to an end. The class of 2009-2010 is heading off to summer vacation. When we see them in August, they will begin their first grade year with us. It is wonderful to be with this great group of kids and their parents for another year...that is why we love to loop! The postings will be fewer but they will continue during the summer. Have a great summer...the Mall-ards are signing off or should we say flying off for summer vacation!! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Star Spangled Kindergarten Student

We wanted to share this rendition of the Star Spangled Banner from the talent show yesterday. Thanks W for the great job!

Star Spangled Kindergarten Singer from Maria Mallon on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Loads of Talent in Room 104

The Mall-ard Talent Show 2009-2010 was in full swing this morning. We had more talent than you could imagine! Ballet dancers, singers, poetry readers, interpretive dance, karate, guitars, piano playing, and even a singing of "The Spangled Banner" - we had it all. It was a great way to spend the morning and a chance for everyone to share their special talent. Note: The boys were over the ballerinas -- "Please no more ballerina dancing," said Michael. :)

Kindergarten Field Day: June, 2010

What a wonderful field day we enjoyed yesterday. There were nine stations which included tug-of-war, relays, high jump, racing and dancing. The centers were manned by Mayport Naval Station sailors who, with Chief Dillard, kept the action moving and fun. We had a BBQ hot dog lunch with chips, cookies and fruit. It was delicious after all of the exercise!!
In the afternoon, parents returned for our fourth quarter awards ceremony. The school year has only 2 1/2 days was a fantastic year!!

Kindergarten Pow Wow 2019

Our tribe this year was the Inuit. Our students learned about the Inuit culture which included their food, housing and shelter. They sang ...