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Spring Fling and Egg Hunt

We had a great time at Ryan's house for our Spring Fling and Egg Hunt. We walked over to his house for our "field trip" into a backyard that was ready for 35 children to have a great time. This picture was taken right before the egg hunt began...and were they ready for it. Each child was assigned a number. In this way, it helped keep the egg hunt going for longer then two minutes. Each child had 12 eggs to find. Coach Hall was there for organized games and Mrs. Holtsman took great pictures. Thanks to Romy for inviting all of us to her house and to the parents who sent in the great food and extra treats for lunch. It was an Egg Hunt to remember!!

April Mystery Reader - Passover & Easter Bunny Books

We had a very special mystery reader last week. Not only was she a former student who is now in fifth grade but she is the sister of one our first grade students. Reading "The Matzah Man" by Naomi Howland and "The Easter Bunny is Missing" by Steve Metzger, S. had the students listening to every word. The "The Matzah Man" is basically the Passover version of "The Gingerbread Man" and all children love that book. In "The Easter Bunny is Missing" no one could really replace the bunny with his monumental job of delivering decorated eggs but several animals tried. "S" had special treats for the children after her reading. Each student received a sampling of Matzah and chocolate Kisses. "J." was very proud of his sister and the children loved hearing the books and of course the wonderful treats.

FCAT Spirit Week

In an effort to support our third, fourth and fifth grade students during their intensive week of FCAT, we had our first annual "Spirit Week." The FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) is the standardized test used in the primary and secondary public schools of Florida. The kindergarten, first and second grade students enjoyed getting dressed up each day last week. On Monday, they were farmers (because of our theme), Tuesday was mismatched clothes day. Wednesday was wild hair and sock day. For Thursday, we pulled out our oldest Chets Creek tee-shirts (we get one every year designed for the theme), and for the finale, on Friday the children came dressed as rock stars. At this age, our first graders know that the FCAT is a big test and that they will be taking it one day. But for now, they just enjoyed the excitement of Spirit Week and being a part of it all. Rock On!!

"Cheesy Little Stories" Bulletin Board

The April bulletin board boasts of writing big stories in little packages. Our "cheesy little stories" are fictional writings whereby the students wrote about themselves and Kevin Henkes' characters. These moments are wonderful displays of the children's imaginations running away with these whimsical characters. They include: "Wemberly's Dentist Trip", "Lilly Goes on a Cruise", "Lilly's Sleepover", "Lilly's Masterpiece", "Victor Meets Victor", and "Wemberly at the Dinosaur Exhibit"." This was a great way to extend the author study and have it even more meaningful for the class.