"Cheesy Little Stories" Bulletin Board

The April bulletin board boasts of writing big stories in little packages. Our "cheesy little stories" are fictional writings whereby the students wrote about themselves and Kevin Henkes' characters. These moments are wonderful displays of the children's imaginations running away with these whimsical characters. They include: "Wemberly's Dentist Trip", "Lilly Goes on a Cruise", "Lilly's Sleepover", "Lilly's Masterpiece", "Victor Meets Victor", and "Wemberly at the Dinosaur Exhibit"." This was a great way to extend the author study and have it even more meaningful for the class.


Anonymous said…
Did you pick her because of her usual "cheesey" smile? Katie :)
And a beautiful smile at that :)
The Mall-ards
Anonymous said…
This is such a cute idea! I'm going to use it my class for our Kevin Henkes author study! Do you have a template for characters that you could send to me?

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