Monday, October 26, 2015

Literary Character Parade 2015

 Every year our Kindergarten and First Grade students have a wonderful time getting dressed as one of their favorite literary characters. They parade the halls of the school and show off their book and costume. After the parade, the children enjoy arts and crafts centers. At night, the students come back to school in their outfits and trick-or-treat through the same halls. Finally, they enjoy the Fall Carnival to cap off a great day of memories.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Crazy Pumpkins in October

Fall is upon us and it is crazy pumpkin time. Students loved making these "out of the ordinary" pumpkins and they are now growing in our classroom pumpkin patch.

Five Senses - The Sense of Smell

In Science, we are discovering how keen our sense of smell is. Students were given cups numbered from 1to 4. Inside each cup was vinegar, vanilla, coffee, and lemons. Children used their sense of smell in order to predict what was in each cup and then drew their predictions in their journals.
In this pictures, K was trying to determine if it was a sweet smell or sour smell.
 Student predictions were sketched into their Science journals.

Children discovered that the sweet things were generally things that they liked.
 It wasn't as easy as it looked. Students had conversations and rethought some of their responses. Some were convinced that they knew what was in the cup, until the foil was removed and they saw what they were smelling.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Math Bingo - Number Recognition

We have another great way to make Friday - Fun Day and that is to change it up with Math Bingo. In this game the children get to practice number recognition from zero to twenty. We have noticed that they had some difficulty with the teen numbers and thought this would be a way to make reinforce understanding of those numbers.  It works every time!  BINGO anyone?