Friday, October 9, 2015

Five Senses - The Sense of Smell

In Science, we are discovering how keen our sense of smell is. Students were given cups numbered from 1to 4. Inside each cup was vinegar, vanilla, coffee, and lemons. Children used their sense of smell in order to predict what was in each cup and then drew their predictions in their journals.
In this pictures, K was trying to determine if it was a sweet smell or sour smell.
 Student predictions were sketched into their Science journals.

Children discovered that the sweet things were generally things that they liked.
 It wasn't as easy as it looked. Students had conversations and rethought some of their responses. Some were convinced that they knew what was in the cup, until the foil was removed and they saw what they were smelling.


Anonymous said...

Kenley told us all about this day! She loved it. Thanks for making learning fun!


Rachael said...

Those science journals are amazing. Great job class!

Esme Seg said...

This seems like a VERY interesting activity. I'm sure this can be hard for some of the students especially if they have never heard of some of these things. Heehee. For example, Nery does not drink coffee, vanilla only vanilla ice cream lol. Vinegar don't use it at home haha!

Melissa Parker said...

Avery told me all about this fun science experiment. What fun!