Friday, May 29, 2009

First Annual "Dads and (Hot) Dogs"

Today the children celebrated their dads with our first annual "Dads and Dogs" BBQ. After the students performed a few songs, "A - You're Adorable" and "The State Joke Song", we showed a slide show of the "Year in Pictures" which had more than a few dads teary-eyed in seeing how much their child has grown in the past year. The children gifted their dads with a "Winner" medal for various things that their dad does best - we had "The best breakfast maker," "The best hugger," and "The best surfer," to name a few. After the gifts, poems, and drawings were given, all of us went outside to a hot dog BBQ with all the trimmings. It was a great precursor to Father's Day and our way as saying "thank you" to the great dads of great kids!
(All pictures are not on slide show - we forgot to remove your name tag.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sheetzu Caca Poopoo - A Mystery Reader's Favorite

Our Mystery Reader was Mrs. W. who found her mystery book "Sheetzu Caca Poopoo" at the local library. Comedian and talk-show host Joy Behar wrote about a lovable character in this cheerful, funny picture book. "When Max the mixed-breed meets a pack of snobby purebred dogs in the dog run, he can’t understand why they don’t want to play with him and his mongrel friends. Determined to get everyone to play together, brainy Max—who is part poodle, after all—comes up with a way to break the ice between the mixed-breeds and the purebreds. America’s current obsession with designer dogs makes this book as timely as it is lively." This books showed how everyone can get along even though they are different. Mrs. W. also read "The Worrywarts" by Pamela Duncan Edwards. This book "uses alliteration to lighthearted and humorous effect." On a "warm Wednesday morning," Wombat, Weasel and Woodchuck contemplate all the terrible misadventures that could befall them while preparing for a "wander into the world." Both books were thoroughly enjoyed by the children and our thanks to our Mystery Reader!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From Seed to Plant - Waiting for the Beans!

A few weeks ago, we finished our Science Unit on plants. One of the activities was, of course, planting a seed and watching it grow. Students checked daily on the growth of their seed. The bean was put into a plastic bag with a moist paper towel and hung in the class window for several days. Students charted the progress of their seed. When it sprouted, it was planted in a cup with fresh potting soil and the children took them home to plant. Some made the journey and some didn't. However, we heard many success stories. Some plants are growing up the side of houses (just like Jack and the Beanstalk) and some, like the picture of above and below, have been replanted and nurtured into a beautiful addition to a garden. It looks like "ML" will be making us some bean soup real soon!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Celebration May, 2009

Mom's, moms
so hugibl and kissibl
I love my mom
She takes care of me
but in poet's eye's
I see me and my
mom doing stof
togethor as a family.
That is why I love
my mom and me.

Poetree by: Piper

Today we celebrated the mother's of our students! We planned our presentation for weeks and the children practiced with joy because they wanted it "just perfect." In the hallway, we posted Mother's Day poems that the children wrote together with a watercolor drawing. Our program included the songs "Upside Down" (Curious George)performed in sign language, "A" You're Adorable, and the "State Joke" song. We also showed a slide presentation of "The Year in Pictures" which was wonderful to share with the mothers. Afterward, a breakfast was offered and children with their mothers had the chance to kick off the Mother's Day weekend together. It was truly a memorable event.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mystery Reader - What a Wonderful Surprise!

We were surprised once again with this week's Mystery Reader! Ms. R. came in with one of "T's" favorite books, "Super-Completely -- and Totally the Messiest" by Judith Viorst. If her name sounds familiar, she is also the author of the "Alexander" series -- "...No Good Horrible Day" and "...Used to be Rich." This book is about a big sister who is very neat and constantly urging the younger sister to be neat — "like me" — but whether at home, at school, or the beach, Sophie is a disaster. However, Sophie does have some redeeming qualities that everyone loves.

Thank you so much Ms. R. for coming in and reading this book to the children. They really enjoyed the story!!

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