Sheetzu Caca Poopoo - A Mystery Reader's Favorite

Our Mystery Reader was Mrs. W. who found her mystery book "Sheetzu Caca Poopoo" at the local library. Comedian and talk-show host Joy Behar wrote about a lovable character in this cheerful, funny picture book. "When Max the mixed-breed meets a pack of snobby purebred dogs in the dog run, he can’t understand why they don’t want to play with him and his mongrel friends. Determined to get everyone to play together, brainy Max—who is part poodle, after all—comes up with a way to break the ice between the mixed-breeds and the purebreds. America’s current obsession with designer dogs makes this book as timely as it is lively." This books showed how everyone can get along even though they are different. Mrs. W. also read "The Worrywarts" by Pamela Duncan Edwards. This book "uses alliteration to lighthearted and humorous effect." On a "warm Wednesday morning," Wombat, Weasel and Woodchuck contemplate all the terrible misadventures that could befall them while preparing for a "wander into the world." Both books were thoroughly enjoyed by the children and our thanks to our Mystery Reader!


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