Mother's Day Celebration May, 2009

Mom's, moms
so hugibl and kissibl
I love my mom
She takes care of me
but in poet's eye's
I see me and my
mom doing stof
togethor as a family.
That is why I love
my mom and me.

Poetree by: Piper

Today we celebrated the mother's of our students! We planned our presentation for weeks and the children practiced with joy because they wanted it "just perfect." In the hallway, we posted Mother's Day poems that the children wrote together with a watercolor drawing. Our program included the songs "Upside Down" (Curious George)performed in sign language, "A" You're Adorable, and the "State Joke" song. We also showed a slide presentation of "The Year in Pictures" which was wonderful to share with the mothers. Afterward, a breakfast was offered and children with their mothers had the chance to kick off the Mother's Day weekend together. It was truly a memorable event.


Anonymous said…
What a wonderful morning Megan and I had! It was a great start to a special weekend. Thank you.

All the kids did a super job. It was obvious a lot of planning and practice went into the show.

Thanks again!!
Julie W.
Anonymous said…
I so enjoyed the show and the delicious breakfast. Mark Liam and I look forward to adding our sage to our garden. Thank you Mrs. Mallon and Mrs. Dillard for helping all those lovely and talented children to present all of us lucky mom's with such a fun morning.
Ms. Kristy
Anonymous said…
Thank you for a lovely morning with a precious presentation that brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Thank you too for posting Piper's poem and picture on your blog letting me know that I might need to consider a different shade of blush and lipstick for the spring. :)
Debbie R.

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