Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kevin Henkes Celebration Day - 2015

A favorite day for our First Graders is our traditional Kevin Henkes Celebration Day. Students were invited to dress up as their favorite mouse character and enjoy a morning of centers. They made movie star glasses, artistic ties, and has some tasty cheesy snacks. This was surely a memorable day for our young Kevin Henkes fans. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Reader's Theater - Kevin Henkes Author Study

We are at the mid-point in our Kevin Henkes Author Study. The children are very familiar with his books after hearing them several times. They also have a copy of one of his favorite books in their book bin and can switch it out when they are ready.  Working together in a Reader's Theater environment affords the students the opportunity to support and encourage each other in their respective roles and helps to promote fluency in reading. This group is practicing Chrysanthemum.
 Following along with the script  (Owen) is always fun and makes students accountable for their parts in the play.  Students highlighted their character or narrator part so they are aware when it is their turn.
Practicing daily helps all students prepare for their big day when they can perform in front of the class. (Weekend with Wendell)
Each group finds their own meeting place in the classroom and helps each other if their is any difficulty in their lines. This is a great way to build fluency in all reading levels. (Sheila Rae the Brave).

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