Mother's Day Celebration - Kindergarten 2012

Celebrating Mother's Day is a very big event in our class. We have been preparing for weeks for this special day. On Friday, mothers came in for our annual Mother's Day breakfast. The children sang several songs and prepared wonderful gifts such as bean hearts, place mats, and a silhouette. The morning was a great way to let each mother know how important they are and how much we all love them. Happy Mother's Day from The Mall-ard class.
Mother's Day Celebration -- Part 1 on PhotoPeach
And some more pictures ...
 Mother's Day Celebration - Part 2 on PhotoPeach


Lourdes said…
Thanks a bunch for another memorable Mother's Day celebration. Sofi and I enjoyed it SO much!
dayle timmons said…
Such a wonderful feel-good Mother's Day Celebration! You guys are "over the top!"
Kristen Tiurchy said…
This was such a sentimental and lovely celebration. I was so touched by the effort you both put into it and how much rehearsal the children must have had to do such a perfect job with the poems and songs! It was amazing...something I'll never forget, thank you.
Jennifer Crane said…
Thank you so very much for this wonderful Mother's Day Celebration!! I will always remember this amazingly special day! The kids were beyond adorable and the Mall-ards were as usual incredible!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you to Mrs. Mallard and Mrs. Dillard for such a memorable event. It was so touching and beutiful to see all the efforts the kids put into their show to celebrate their moms. You both have outdone yourselves.

Thank you,

Karen Rojas
Sunny said…
The Mother's Day breakfast was such a wonderful experience. I'm tearing up AGAIN just thinking about how special and precious the children were. Thank you for all of your hard work! It was a perfect celebration. I will cherish the memory always.
Christa said…
What an amazing Mother's Day celebration! Words can not express the gratitude I have for all of your hard word work & preparation to make such a special morning for all of us moms. I videotaped it & we've been watching it together again & again causing me to tear up each it! Thank you!
These memories will be a part of our lives...thank you are the best:)
Haley Alvarado said…
Thank you for creating a special time for Shalyn and I to spend together! It was so wonderful to see so many moms take time from their busy, busy, days to be celebrated! Thank you for putting it all together with so many little extra details! We are working on copying the DVD for everyone!
Mayte Caronna said…
Ms. Mallon and Ms. Dillard,

You both brought to fruition beautifully what I have only dreamed!
Congratulations on such a heartfelt and memorable celebration. Would you be kind enough to share how long it took to prepare all aspects of your very special Mother's Day?

Again, kudos on your labor of love.

Mayte Caronna
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