Kinder-"gardeners" Green Thumb

Continuing with our Eric Carle Author Study, the book today was "The Tiny Seed." This is the story of a harrowing journey of a little seed that finally found a place to grow. This book was the springboard to the next activity which was visiting the Chets Creek Garden. This is a plot of land behind the school that was started with a few tomatoes and beans and grew to broccoli, spinach, kale, squash, herbs and other vegetables. First, Miss Brenda came to talk to the children about different seeds and plants. Then each child was given a few seeds to plant in the garden. They planted Chinese Pole Beans along the fence. Students marked their plant with a stick which had his/her name on it.  In this way, we can come back in a few weeks to see how their plants have grown. This was a wonderful "field trip" to our own backyard to see what an actual garden looks like and learn more about seeds and plants.
 This is the Chets Creek Garden.
 Students who were playing on the playground were helping the Kindergarten students find a good spot.


Lourdes said…
I was thrilled to see Sofi so excited about veggies. Miss Brenda's kale "chips" are so tasty!
Sunny said…
I never knew the garden existed. What a great learning experience for our little ones! Thank you for sharing the pictures.
Kristen Tiurchy said…
Who knew that CCE had such a beautiful garden? Our family has been inspired by James to grow our own now.
Christa said…
Cool stuff!! I had no idea there was a beautiful garden back there. Love the pictures :)

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