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Hot Chocolate Smiles

Students were treated to Starbucks hot chocolate as a holiday treat. Matt asked each child how he/she preferred their drink...with peppermint or with whip cream?  Lots of smiles with some yummy hot chocolate!!
 Thanks from all of us for the special holiday drink for our class!!

Celebrating Reading With First Grade

First grade celebrated one of their reading milestones with our class this week. Each first grader paired up with one of our kindergarten students and read a book to them.  It was great for all of these young readers to share books with each other and make new friends in the process.

Better Not Pout -- Keeping Behavior in Check

It's that time of year when the kids are so excited that "you know who" is coming to town! A way we keep them in check is our "Better Not Pout" bags.  Each day that they have good behavior, they get small treat in their bag:  a pencil, eraser, candy, book, or small toy.  This works like a charm and they check every day to make sure their bags are getting fatter and fatter.