Thursday, August 29, 2013

Humpty Dumpty - Rhymes and More

Having props that go with the books add so much to the children's enjoyment.

The rhyme and repetition of a nursery rhyme contain some of the basic skills needed in learning how to read. For instance, students are learning phonemic awareness when they can point out the words that rhyme at the end of each line. They increase their memory skills in recalling the rhyme and sharing it at home. When we chant these rhymes in class, we point to the words on a chart (shared reading), ask questions about the story, talk about the characters, dance to the song and then have the students work on an art project about the subject. All of these poems will be put into their own Nursery Rhyme book for them to practice "reading" and chanting the rhymes. Our favorite is Humpty Dumpty and you can see why!!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Class Promise

 Every new year we come together as a class and decide what we think will help our class be a nice and safe place to learn, work and make friends. As we gave the class the opportunity to work with a partner to come up with some ideas, we decided on the above list. For instance, one idea was "to pick up our friends when they fall" and "not to hit anyone." Those ideas were morphed into "We will be kind to our friends." and "We will use our hands for helping."  Then we added two ideas, "We will raise our hand to speak." and "We will be first time listeners." Next the children drew in their faces, added a safari hat and some hair and they were glued along side our promise. We will chant our Class Promise every morning to remind ourselves about the importance of being a good student and friend in the class room.

The other option is to post the below picture -- that might be a little too scary at this time... :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Settling Into Kindergarten - Rituals and Routines

We have just completed the third day in school and it is amazing to see the transformation that is taking place. Students already know how to put their folders in the bin, set up their cubbie (lunch outside their backpack), and settle into their morning work which has been beginning number practice. There has been a lot of lessons with our rituals and routine including how to come to the floor,  how to tuck chairs in and how to give out and collect papers. There has been an art project where the children made giraffes. This included lessons on how to hold the scissors, how to place the cap on the glue stick, and where to put project when it is completed. We have been upstairs to visit some of the animal displays so we even added a lesson on how to walk up and down the stairs (on one side of the staircase) and how to hold on to the railing. Children are constantly learning the whole day (even if they don't realize it). All of these lessons will make our kindergarten a fun and safe place to be, 

Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of K - What a Great Day!

The first day of Kindergarten and the start of a new school year kicked off today with all of the children meeting in the dining room and saying one last "good bye" to their parents. After entering the classroom,  backpacks were unloaded and the students started getting acquainted with each other. Lessons such as how to use the bathroom, how to line up and how to come to the floor were given. We discussed lunch behavior and playground rules. However, the highlight of the day was the visit to see the wild animals. Experts in the field explained the various North American animals and the children were permitted to pet them (using two fingers) so their fur would not be disturbed. It was a wonderful experience for our students and one they really enjoyed. We wonder what the rest of the week will bring...
 Wild Animal Tour -- First Day 2013 on PhotoPeach

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Preparing for a Wild Adventure in Kindergarten

The Mall-ard's will be officially open for business on Monday. Our sign is out and welcomes our "Wild Things" for an adventurous year "Walking on the Wild Side" (our school theme). We had a wonderful Kindergarten Orientation on Friday where we had a few minutes meeting the children and having them look over their new classroom. Parents were given an overview of what to do for the first day drop off and where to pick up their child after school along with other important information. A weekly newsletter, daily communication folder, and this blog will ensure parents feel a part of our classroom community.  

The pencils are sharpened, the crayons are ready, and the books can't wait to be opened...just waiting for our "Wild Things."  :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting Ready for Kindergarten 2013-2014

 The Mall-ard's  have been busy getting ready for our new Kindergarten students who will be starting their first day of school next Monday, August 19th. Last year our school theme was a "Recipe for Success" and our classroom was "The Mall-ard Diner" . This year the school theme is "Taking a Walk on the Wild Side" and our class is "Where the Wild Things Are." We can't wait to see all of our new students on Monday. Meantime, enjoy the video prepared by Principal Phillips to welcome all students back to school.

Kindergarten Pow Wow 2019

Our tribe this year was the Inuit. Our students learned about the Inuit culture which included their food, housing and shelter. They sang ...