Settling Into Kindergarten - Rituals and Routines

We have just completed the third day in school and it is amazing to see the transformation that is taking place. Students already know how to put their folders in the bin, set up their cubbie (lunch outside their backpack), and settle into their morning work which has been beginning number practice. There has been a lot of lessons with our rituals and routine including how to come to the floor,  how to tuck chairs in and how to give out and collect papers. There has been an art project where the children made giraffes. This included lessons on how to hold the scissors, how to place the cap on the glue stick, and where to put project when it is completed. We have been upstairs to visit some of the animal displays so we even added a lesson on how to walk up and down the stairs (on one side of the staircase) and how to hold on to the railing. Children are constantly learning the whole day (even if they don't realize it). All of these lessons will make our kindergarten a fun and safe place to be, 


Christa said…
Those rituals & routines are so important, thank you! Love the giraffes, so cute! :)
Lourdes said…
Like giraffes, you're always sticking out your neck, watching out for your kiddos. Thanks for keeping safety as our number 1 priority of Chets!
Kim McKean said…
Love the cute!! :) She's having a blast!

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