Thursday, August 29, 2013

Humpty Dumpty - Rhymes and More

Having props that go with the books add so much to the children's enjoyment.

The rhyme and repetition of a nursery rhyme contain some of the basic skills needed in learning how to read. For instance, students are learning phonemic awareness when they can point out the words that rhyme at the end of each line. They increase their memory skills in recalling the rhyme and sharing it at home. When we chant these rhymes in class, we point to the words on a chart (shared reading), ask questions about the story, talk about the characters, dance to the song and then have the students work on an art project about the subject. All of these poems will be put into their own Nursery Rhyme book for them to practice "reading" and chanting the rhymes. Our favorite is Humpty Dumpty and you can see why!!



Lourdes said...

EGG- cellent artwork!

Christa said...

Such a great activity for the kiddos, Piper is loving it!

Susan said...

I'm glad you have this blog ... I ask Raphael every day what he did in class, and usually he responds with "I can't remember."