Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Welcome Back Bulletin Board

 Our "Welcome Back" bulletin board boasts the Wizard of Oz characters, a hot air balloon, and welcome back messages to each of our students. Thanks to Kim (Libby's mom) for the great dolls and hot air balloon. It is Oz-some indeed!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day Art Work

What is first grade without some art work?  Children chose the character from "The Wizard of Oz" that they wanted to make. These are hanging in our classroom for all to enjoy. What an Oz-some job!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of First Grade 2014

This is the first day of First Grade and how happy everyone is to be back with old friends and meeting new ones.  We started the day with a word search but it was mostly about talking about their summer and getting to know each other.
 Seems like yesterday they were Kindergarten students. Look how grown up and relaxed they are ...there is no place like home!!
 What a difference a year makes!!
There was way more to come on this special first day of first grade.  At 9:30, we were invited to the playground for a BIG surprise. Mrs Phillips (our principal) arranged for a hot air balloon for all the students to see. It was amazing and something they are still talking about...what a great first day!!

 Waiting for the man to get to the hot air balloon.

 It was a little hot and sunny.

Mrs. Phillips and Dorothy in the hot air balloon!  It was a great first day!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Almost Time to Follow the Yellow Brick Road

The entryway to school will look a little bit different this year. Our theme is evident in this picture because there is "No Place Like Home" when it comes to Chets Creek!  We can't wait to see and feel the children's excitement as they enter school on the first day of first grade.  We have been busy this week preparing the classroom for Monday and all the days that ahead. It will be another adventure into learning and growing with lots of awesome memories! So get ready to click your heels into another great year!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The "Wonderful Land of Chets" New Theme 2014-2015

In a week, the children will return to school with their new backpacks, sneakers, and lunch boxes. Our Kindergarten students are coming back as big "First Graders" ready to take on the challenges of a new school year. Our theme this year is "There's No Place Like Home" because there really is no place like our school. The children will be welcomed back with a school lobby that looks like something out of a movie set. The Wonderful Land of Chets will be preparing all this week for a grand "welcome back" celebration and a year full of wonder, delight, learning and of course, fun...because there is no place like Chets!

Chets Creek Elementary - No Place Like Home 14-15 from Once Upon a Teacher on Vimeo.

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