Friday, January 28, 2011

More Pictures From Sleepover

The "Night Under the Stars" was just the beginning. After a few weeks learning about the solar system and constellations, in Reader's, Writer's and Science Workshops, the culminating activity was the "day" of Sleepover. It started with a parade, breakfast, dancing, and then center activities. They created pictures of galaxies, learned how to work together like the rings of Saturn, ventured in an imaginary rocket launch, learned space songs in music and had a great party in the Media Center with Miss KK and friends leading the way. There was a puppet show with the theme "You can be anything...even an astronaut." There was dancing, songs, popcorn and movie - just like at a real overnight sleepover. The following pictures were taken my our own Mrs. Holtsman. It was such a wonderful day!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Mystery Readers Surprise Us!!

Our class has been "Wowed" by our January Mystery Readers! Mrs. K. came in and read a book about the solar system and another book the students enjoyed called, "Aliens Love Underpants" by Claire Freedman. The children laughed at the silly aliens because they didn't want to meet humans; they just wanted to steal their underpants!

Mrs. M. came in to surprise J. and the class with a few books including a Scooby Doo adventure which is a class favorite. Afterward, they were treated to some Scooby Doo treats.

Mrs. C. surprised her daughter and read "Katie in London" by James Mayhew. This book was about Katie's adventure riding one of the Trafalgar Square lions through London. C. has visited England to visit relatives and shared some of her own adventures.

We appreciate all of our Mystery Readers and feel that it is important for the children to see their parents reading and sharing a favorite book. Thank you again parents for making our Mystery Reader program such a fun highlight of the children's school day!

Friday, January 14, 2011

First Grade Prepares for their "Sleepover"

For the past few weeks, students have been learning about our solar system in Reader's, Writer's, and Science Workshops in preparation for their "Sleepover". This is the big event for our first grade students. The "Sleepover" has evolved from reading books about sleepovers years ago to a unit about stars, planets and space. The students do not really sleepover night at the school, but next Thursday on the official day, they will be wearing their pajamas, slippers, and parading around the school as if they were. Last night was the official kick off of the sleepover called, "Night Under the Stars". Students and parents came to school at night and had the opportunity to gaze at the Moon and Jupiter through telescopes. Then they came in the classroom to watch "The Magic School Bus Gets Lost In Space" and enjoyed Moon Pies and Cosmic Brownies.
Learning about the solar system and constellations has given the first grade sleepover more meaning and has made it a genuine learning adventure for the students. They are keenly interested in knowing more about what is outside our Earth and they are learning how precious it is being the only planet with air and water. Hopefully we will have a future astronaut or two in our class who was inspired by this unit on week...our sleepover festivities!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

P.E. Fun in the New Year

Happy New Year 2011 from The Mall-ards! We are just getting adjusted to our routine after two weeks off for the holidays. Today the students had fun in P.E. stacking cups on a cool January morning in Florida. They were very proud of their accomplishment and asked the P.E. teacher to take their picture so that it could go on the blog. It is amazing to see how much technology is a part of these young children's lives and how aware they are of how important it is as a communication tool. They have been born into a time that has them surrounded by computers of one kind or another - iPhones, iPads, iPods, and ereaders of one kind or another. Well, just like they expected, their picture is up on the blog of the fun they had one day in P.E. stacking nice that is to share with you.

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