First Grade Prepares for their "Sleepover"

For the past few weeks, students have been learning about our solar system in Reader's, Writer's, and Science Workshops in preparation for their "Sleepover". This is the big event for our first grade students. The "Sleepover" has evolved from reading books about sleepovers years ago to a unit about stars, planets and space. The students do not really sleepover night at the school, but next Thursday on the official day, they will be wearing their pajamas, slippers, and parading around the school as if they were. Last night was the official kick off of the sleepover called, "Night Under the Stars". Students and parents came to school at night and had the opportunity to gaze at the Moon and Jupiter through telescopes. Then they came in the classroom to watch "The Magic School Bus Gets Lost In Space" and enjoyed Moon Pies and Cosmic Brownies.
Learning about the solar system and constellations has given the first grade sleepover more meaning and has made it a genuine learning adventure for the students. They are keenly interested in knowing more about what is outside our Earth and they are learning how precious it is being the only planet with air and water. Hopefully we will have a future astronaut or two in our class who was inspired by this unit on week...our sleepover festivities!!


Suzanne said…
I love that the Sleepover got a meaningful makeover and the kids are beaming! What a great memory they will have from this extraordinary unit.
Ms. Symons said…
Lauren is so excited for Thursday. She has had a countdown going for quite a while. I am so thankful to you both for creating such a fabulous learning environment that she cannot wait to get to school everyday.
Lourdes said…
Seeing the craters of the moon and Jupiter with its surrounding moons through the telescope was worth freezing for. Andrew is VERY excited about this unit of study, and told us about Aris.
My kids are so excited about sleepover. Thanks for putting all the time into preparing for this unit and the effort into the special touches that make it a magical memory.

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