More Mystery Readers Surprise Us!!

Our class has been "Wowed" by our January Mystery Readers! Mrs. K. came in and read a book about the solar system and another book the students enjoyed called, "Aliens Love Underpants" by Claire Freedman. The children laughed at the silly aliens because they didn't want to meet humans; they just wanted to steal their underpants!

Mrs. M. came in to surprise J. and the class with a few books including a Scooby Doo adventure which is a class favorite. Afterward, they were treated to some Scooby Doo treats.

Mrs. C. surprised her daughter and read "Katie in London" by James Mayhew. This book was about Katie's adventure riding one of the Trafalgar Square lions through London. C. has visited England to visit relatives and shared some of her own adventures.

We appreciate all of our Mystery Readers and feel that it is important for the children to see their parents reading and sharing a favorite book. Thank you again parents for making our Mystery Reader program such a fun highlight of the children's school day!


Suzanne said…
I love your practice of mystery readers. What a great and memorable way to integrate your parents into your classroom.

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