Thursday, November 17, 2016

Opinion Writing About Our Collections

This week we started our unit on opinion writing. Students were invited to bring in one of their favorite collections. Items ranged from rocks to Pokemon cards to stuffed animals. Children rated which one was "Best in Show" (1st Place) and on down the line. They wrote the reasons why they rated their items the way they did using the word "because".  
 Today,students visited their friend's collections to see how their items were rated and they wrote about how they would change 1st, 2nd, etc. place. They also gave reasons why they felt that way.
They enjoyed rating the items and expressing their views on why they think the collections should be changed. Students are learning how to disagree politely and write their reasons why.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Word Family Word Wall - Learning more words

A portion of our Skills Block time is devoted to learning spelling patterns and one of the best ways is our work with Word Families.  Each week two new word families are our focus. These word patterns are chosen because of the Primary Spelling Inventory Assessment students took the first week of school. These special sounds and letter combinations are where they had the most difficulty. We review the previous ones by playing word and guessing games. For instance, "Find the word in the "ight" family that is the opposite of day."  Students will then write the word on their white board. Keeping the work on our walls useful and meaningful is important in our classroom laboratory! 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Pictures to help say more about writing

 Students were invited to bring in pictures that matched their informational writing. In this way, they can write more about their pictures via a caption or labeling.
Studying the image helps students to notice more about their subject, in this case butterflies.
 Working with partners, they talked about their pictures and then added more in their "All About" book. Adding this layer of research was a great way to enhance our Writer's Workshop.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Literary Character Parade

 A favorite tradition for kindergarten and first grade students is to get dressed as a favorite book character and parade around the school in costume with the book.
 We had everyone from Pinkalicious to Ninja warriors represented in our class.
 The children loved getting dressed as their favorite book character.
This is always a great memory and fun day for the children.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Literary Pumpkin Time - Adventures of Little Bird

One of our favorite books this year is "Adventures of Little Bird" by Johnathan Hillstrand the Captain of  the "Time Bandit" (Deadliest Catch). He wrote and illustrated this book about a parrot "Little Bird" who wants to be a pirate; however, everyone he meets discourages his dream. Fortunately, he was bound and determined to be one and his dream finally came true. We decided to make this book into our class pumpkin display for the front lobby for all to enjoy!

Students worked on painting the boat to get it "ship-shape" for our literacy pumpkin display.

Finally all the characters are ready and reporting for duty. It turned out great. Thanks to Captain Jonathan for such a wonderful children's book!