Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bingo: The Fun Way to Learn Sight Words

On Fridays, we break from the routine of Skills Block (charts, morning message, word families, etc.) and play a few games of Sight Word Bingo. The ritual of giving out the cards and chips are second nature for the children. I write " B I N G O" on the board and we are off and running. A slight humming is going on in the room until I pull the first card: "N" "little" and they repeat "N" "little". Then I write the word "little" on the board under "N". This gives the students visual reinforcement of the word while they look for it on their card. This goes on until the first 20 or so cards are read and we get our first "BINGO." The child then has to reread the words back to me for him/her to have a "confirmed" BINGO. When the bell is rung - that means it is a "confirmed" win and then we play two more BINGOs on that card. After that, the cards are cleared off and we play another game. I find this to be a fun and entertaining way for the reinforcement of sight words on a weekly basis. We also play "Word Family" bingo and in First Grade we'll play advanced sight word Bingo. Friday's are a great day to break from the routine and have fun with the words we learned all week - "B" "bye" - "B" "bye"!!

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