Year In Pictures 2011-2012

We are quickly coming to a close of Mall-ard's Incredible Kindergarten Year 2011-2012. When we think of how much the children have learned and how much they have grown it just makes us smile. In August, we hit the ground running with rituals and routines. These included how to line up, where we go during a fire drill, and lunch room expectations. In September, we were in full swing with Reader's and Writer's Workshops. Students started to retell their Star Books: Caps for Sale, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and Where the Wild Things Are. All of these books laid the foundations in beginning reading skills. In October, students dressed up for our Literary Character Parade. November was the highlight of the Kindergarten year - the Pow Wow. In December, there was the Holiday Breakfast, Gingerbread Man,  the 100th day of school, Valentine's Day,  Leprechaun traps, Boosterthon, Egg Hunt, Eric Carle Author Study and our Mother's Day Celebration. Moreover, our children have grown from picture readers to word readers and writers. They have learned the preliminary steps in how to write "How To" papers, personal narratives, reports and response to literature genres. In Math, they are adding and subtracting and learning to think through problems. Basic Science started with the five senses and now we are checking on our beans that have been planted in the school garden.  Social Studies was enhanced by parents sharing the customs from their native countries of Cuba, Korea, and Turkey. We are so proud of our Kindergarten students - they are more than ready for the next big step...First Grade!!
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dayle timmons said…
What a wonderful year it has been! You have been everything I could ever have hoped for in a kindergarten experience. My hat's off to you both!
Anonymous said…
These kids have grown and learned so much this year, all in part of your doing. You have been wonderful, patient teachers for the kids and I truly appreciate you both! I look forward to having you as Josie's teacher next year!

Karen Rojas
Anonymous said…
What a great year! Thank you for all your hard work, patience and love you poured out for our little ones.

We will miss you over the summer, but will be excited to see you again in August!

Many blessings,
The Freese family
Lourdes said…
Tears well up in my eyes. Oh, the places they have gone. Thank you for an INCREDIBLE year! Looking forward to next year.
Jennifer Crane said…
I truly do not have the words to express how grateful I am to the INCREDIBLE Mall-ards!! Alexa had the most amazing year and I feel so blessed to know that she gets to be with you both next year! The Mall-ard class is a magical experience filled with loving teachers and adorable classmates! I hope you both have a wonderful summer. Alexa and I look forward to seeing your smiling faces soon!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for all of the wonderful memories! It has truly been an amazing year!!! - Claire Ladd
Christa said…
Can't thank you enough for such an amazing school year! Your hard work & dedication speaks volumes & we are truly blessed that Bryn also gets to spend 1st grade with you both. Can't wait!! Have a great summer!
Anonymous said…
We are so grateful to you both for making James' first real school experience magical. We couldn't possibly have asked for more in teachers and also in his classmates (not to mention the kids' involved parents!). Thank you is not enough for all you do. How exciting to see you in August for another great year!

the Tiurchy family

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