April Mystery Reader - Passover & Easter Bunny Books

We had a very special mystery reader last week. Not only was she a former student who is now in fifth grade but she is the sister of one our first grade students. Reading "The Matzah Man" by Naomi Howland and "The Easter Bunny is Missing" by Steve Metzger, S. had the students listening to every word. The "The Matzah Man" is basically the Passover version of "The Gingerbread Man" and all children love that book. In "The Easter Bunny is Missing" no one could really replace the bunny with his monumental job of delivering decorated eggs but several animals tried. "S" had special treats for the children after her reading. Each student received a sampling of Matzah and chocolate Kisses. "J." was very proud of his sister and the children loved hearing the books and of course the wonderful treats.


dayle timmons said…
This really looks like a teacher in the making! GREAT mystery reader!

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