Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Fling and Egg Hunt

We had a great time at Ryan's house for our Spring Fling and Egg Hunt. We walked over to his house for our "field trip" into a backyard that was ready for 35 children to have a great time. This picture was taken right before the egg hunt began...and were they ready for it. Each child was assigned a number. In this way, it helped keep the egg hunt going for longer then two minutes. Each child had 12 eggs to find. Coach Hall was there for organized games and Mrs. Holtsman took great pictures. Thanks to Romy for inviting all of us to her house and to the parents who sent in the great food and extra treats for lunch. It was an Egg Hunt to remember!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun day. Thanks to every one who made it so great for the kids.
- Leanne P.

Lourdes said...

What a "hoppy" time!