Kevin Henkes Celebration Day!

Well, the day finally came...and oh what a great one it was. We celebrated the end of our Kevin Henkes Author Study. Students were welcomed to four different centers by visiting other classrooms. There was "Fun at Lilly's" where they made purple purses, wallets, and ties like Mr. Slinger's. They brought in board games to play at "Chester and Wilson's House." The other two centers were Kevin Henkes bingo and a movie and "cheesy snacks". In the afternoon, they were treated to a mystery reader, "Lilly" who read her book "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse." Students wore black mouse t-shirts that they made earlier in the week. It was a festive author celebration that all the students thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to Melanie for the great pictures.


Joey said…
What a great celebration! Thank you for making it so fun for the kids. The t-shirts are adorable. And the mystery readers were awesome! - Leanne P.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for all you do for the kids. Lauren had such a great day and made sure to tell me exactly how to wash her shirt without ruining the paint. She had a fantastic day that she will remember for a long time! Katie

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