Reader's Theater: A Weekend with Wendell

The students have been practicing their Reader's Theater scripts during Reader's Workshop. Each week they rotate and practice a different story from the Kevin Henkes Author Study with a different group of children. This video is a sampling of the Reader's Theater performances that have been going on for the past few weeks. By acting out these scripts, student's fluency has been enhanced along with comprehension. Also, by knowing these stories so well, they have been writing quality Response to Literature pieces in Writer's Workshop. Enjoy the following performance of "A Weekend with Wendell."

Untitled from Cheryl Dillard on Vimeo.


Anonymous said…
This is so wonderful! I am thrilled to see how well all of the kids are reading and actually following the script! You are fabulous teachers! THANK YOU!!! - Claire Ladd
Hello, I just discovered your blog, it's so helpful. I was wondering if you could help some of us at Pro Teacher. We love the poster you have in your room (we saw it in a blog posting back from 2009) that has letter combinations like oo,oo the ghost says boo. Is it possible you could share it with us or tell us where you got it from. Thanks so much in advance.
Thank you for your blog comment. The chart will be put back on the blog this week :)

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