Monday, March 7, 2011

Creating Bird Habitats in Science

In Science, we have been working on the 5 E's with the Big Idea "Interdependence".
The Essential Question was "What do animals need to survive?" The standard states,
"Through observation, recognize that all plants and animals, including humans, need the basic necessities of air, water, food, space and shelter." Over the course of a few weeks, student's became engaged and explored a number of animals that live in the air, land, and water. The unit culminated as our scientists made birdhouses that will help meet the needs of birds in our area. They used what they have learned about birdhouses to help guide them. The students worked in groups to create their birdhouses and had made sure their shelter included a water and food area. Their creations were innovative and thought out. Any bird would be proud to live in one of these houses!!


Anonymous said...

I love the hands-on application of what they have been learning and that they got to design the birdhouses themselves. Great practice working in groups too. -Leanne P

Anonymous said...

Lauren is so into your Science lessons. Is this why she has been creating bird houses at home out of recycled goods?? Love it - Katie S