Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Safety Patrols are our Rockin' Readers

Each morning our class is greeted by two wonderful patrols. The girls make sure that when the students enter our hallway that they find a book from book basket, sit quietly against the wall, and read it until 8:45. At that time, the patrols have the students enter the classroom, put their backpacks at their tables, and sit on the floor quietly until they read the book. The patrols will read any book that I place on the rocking chair the night before (hence, my rockin' readers)! The books are usually a "Star Book" and/or a seasonal book. For instance, today the girls read "A Chair for Peter" and "The First Thanksgiving." Because "Star Books" should be read several times a month, having the patrols read them is a great way for the children to hear the books from a reader other than myself. Star books include such great classics as, "The Three Bears", "Caps for Sale", "The Gingerbread Boy", and "The Three Little Pigs". These are just great stories that the children love to hear over and over again. Hearing these books multiple times helps them in their retelling of the stories when it comes time to test them on their Sulzby reading level for pre-emergent readers ( .

After reading two books, the patrols have the students put their backpacks in their cubbies, place their folders in the basket, and return to the floor for the pledge. I love having my rockin' readers in my class everyday and so do my students!!

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