Friday, November 16, 2007

Our Powwow...a powerful learning experience

Today was the culminating event for our unit on Native was our Powwow. We prepared for weeks learning about our Lenape tribe - their food, shelter, clothing, and culture - and today we celebrated what we learned and saluted our Native American brothers and sisters. Represented at our Powwow were the nations of the Sioux, Inuit, Hopi, Iriquois, Seminole, Nez Pierce, and Nootka. The ceremony started with the tribes being introduced individually and processing onto the field. Our principal, Mrs. Phillips, gave background about each tribe and decribed our clothing and culture. We performed "The Grass Dance" and several other traditional dances. Parents lined the boundaries catching a glimpse of their Lenape child. Afterwards, pictures were taken and we processed off the field. The children had a day of exciting activities ahead of them including: storytelling (in a teepee), natural-dye painting, food tasting, music, clay pottery, outside games, and animal artifacts. This day will be remembered for a long time with great fondness by parents, teachers, and especially the children ...we are grateful to the Original People and to all of our Native American tribes whom we celebrated with today.

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Suzanne said...

Carter had an absolutely extraordinary Pow-Wow experience! One, I know, he will never forget. I know this day takes weeks of preparation and I extend my sincere thanks to Mrs. Mallon, Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. O'Berry & the parent volunteers, along with entire Resource Teacher Team for this once in a lifetime experience. You are the best!