Monday, November 12, 2007

Powwow Family Project Homework

Family projects are always a great way to get home and school working together and staying involved. Last week a cardboard "person" cutout went home and the family project was to dress it according to our Native American tribe, the Lenape. Attached to the cutout was researched pages from the internet as to the dress of the tribe during the 1600's to present day. The results were amazing. We learned so much from the children sharing their projects. We learned that this tribe only used one feather in their headbands. Also, if the feather was pointing downward they were not in a war, but if it faced upward, then they were at war with another tribe. The women wore shell necklaces because a lot of the Lenape were from the New Jersey shore line and they spoke a language called Urami. Moreover, we were able to tie-in Writer's Workshop (How-to writing) because the students explained step-by-step how they made their Lenape Native American project. Our family night is tonight. Parents and students are invited to have dinner in the cafeteria and at 7:00 p.m. come into the classroom and make a wigwam. More about that tomorrow...wanishi (Urami for thank you) for visiting our blog spot!!

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