Friday, November 30, 2007

Vocabulary is Alive in Reading and Math

Learning and using new vocabulary is emphasized in our classroom daily. Whenever I read a new book, I try to pull out a few words that may need some clarification before we start. I find that this is valuable in that the children hear me talk about the word before I read the book, and then they recognize the word when they hear it. We have a wonderful vocabulary unit that my fellow teachers and I worked on during the summer under dayle timmons' guidance. We use these books daily (fairy tales, folk tales, and various other fiction books) to read and teach vocabulary. The students love to hear the words learned from these books and repeat them often during conversations and are starting to use them in their writing - words such as clever, delighted, cozy, and adventurous.

We have stretched our vocabulary word wall to include a vocabulary math word wall. This is a portable chart that we use to review each new word learned in math. This has proved to be an excellent way to review math concepts learned from the first week of school. On this chart are the words: pattern, arrange, more, least, representation, compare, inventory, and equal. Before the math workshop begins, students are asked to tell what they know about 2 or 3 words from this word wall. This chart has kept all the previous lessons taught in math current and serves as an wonderful way to jump start a new lesson.

A word wall (any kind of word wall - vocabulary, word family, math, sight word, theme-based, science, etc.) is only good if you use it. The more you use it, the more the children will look to it as an indispensable tool. You will be delighted at the results!!


Julie said...

I love the word walls in your class MM. I love how you keep them going by interacting with the words whenever possible. It is fun for the children and the teacher!

dayle said...

You are such a great example of how a teacher can embed vocabulary into her instruction. I was ease dropping on two of your students playing after school last week and one of them used a vocabulary word in his normal conversation. They both looked at each other and repeated the word much like I've seen them do in your class. They are so award of all the new words that the habit persists into their noraml lives! Now that's building life skills! dayle

nanny said...

Carter's Nanny thinks the idea for vocabulary words are so important for everyday speaking. It seems we say some of them daily & Carter always catches the word & repeats it to me & his response is; THAT'S a vocabulary word! He enjoys school so much which brings me joy! So Thank you

Literacy & Math Ideas said...

This is such a helpful post. Students often don't think about the fact that vocabulary instruction is not limited to reading. There are also math vocabulary words. Thank you or sharing.

Literacy and Math Ideas