Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fire Safety Is What I'm Talking About!

Our kindergarteners were taught about fire safety today when three local firefighters came in and did a "demo" lesson for them in the cafeteria. They were dressed from head-to-toe in their fire gear and explained the dangers of fire and what to do if they see or are involved in one. A fog machine was set up and pumping out "smoke" as the firefighters came in to rescue Mrs. Harbour while she was "sleeping." Afterwards, children were given a tour of the fire engine and they were able ask questions about all of the "stuff" on it. It was a wonderful opportunity for our kindergarten students and they really enjoyed learning about fire safety. Thank you to our fantastic firefighters for all you do and for giving the children such a great experience.

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Anonymous said...

Fire safety is one of those things that you cannot talk about to children enough. I am glad to see the school take a proactive stance with this life saving lesson. It is my fear that children would be afraid of a firefighter in full bunker gear trying to rescue them from a fire danger enviornment. With these kids seeing firefighters in full gear & performing a "rescue" it might make a difference if they are ever in a real fire situation. Kudos to the school & the JFRD for making time for this safety demonstration.