Friday, October 12, 2007

Writer's Sharing Writing

We had a grand time in Writer's Workshop today. Students were sitting down in anticipation of the new mini-lesson when I told them that today was a very special day. "Today for Writer's Workshop, you will have the opportunity to share your favorite stories with a partner." Children were paired off and scattered throughout the room anxious to share their stories with a friend. Students admired each others writing and asked, "How did you know how to write that?" or "That picture looks great - Can you teach me how to draw it?" Pencils were coming out and children were "editing" their work as they were reading it. It was fascinating to watch!Afterwards, the pairs shared what they liked about their partner's writing with the rest of class. This led to a marvelous burst of enthusiasm and confidence in these young writers who were then excited to write a new story.

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Dorry Lopez said...

Hi Mrs. Mallon,
I enjoyed reading your post! I could just see your little darlings so enthusiastically sharing their stories. Thank you for sharing this awesome activity with the rest of the world!

Ms. Lopez