Asking Questions and Using Tools

Today is Science, students were given a tray of white liquid with food dye and asked to use their questioning skills to try and figure out what was in front of them. Four different colors were added to whole milk and detergent. They were then asked to put a Q-tip into the food coloring and chart and record what they saw using their five senses.  This was a simple experiment where children had chance to use the skills they have acquired so far in Science.


Angela Phillips said…
What an amazing inquiry experience! Anna loved collaborating like a real scientist!
Christie Cooper said…
Now I know why Sadie asked me to get the fattening kind of milk (what we drink anyway), detergent, and food dye! Looks like we might be recreating this at home. Lol. Looks like fun. 😄
Melissa said…
Avery has brought this experiment up a couple of times. She wants to write about it in writers workshop :-)
Anonymous said…
Kenley was SOOOOO excited to tell me about this project!!
Esmeralda said…
Nery was super excited about this and came home wanting to recreate it at home.
kimi chronis said…
Rylee was so excited about this project and told me all about it! It's really fun to see her so engaged.
We love first grade!! This is so exciting!

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