Writing Celebration - Celebrating Good Times!

It is time to celebrate. We are finished revising and editing our writing our favorite piece of writing from the Small Moments Unit of Study. The children were SO excited to dance to "Celebrate Good Times" from Kool and the Gang. We use that song at the end of each unit because it is just the best to get the kids excited.
Each student put their revised and edited piece at their seat. Our writers were invited to visit each table and read what their classmates have written.
Some traveled in pairs and read together.
They gave compliments to their fellow classmates about their writing.
Afterwards, each shared the back of his/her book "blurb" about what their story is about and then put it in a bin with everyone's writing.  It was a great way to celebrate all the hard work they have done since the beginning of first grade!


Angela Phillips said…
Anna LOVED this! What a neat idea to give them validation for their hard work and efforts!!
Anonymous said…
Awe this is precious!!!! -Jami

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