Scooping Up Words

We are scooping up words a few at a time in order to gain fluency and comprehension in reading. Students are using a plastic spoon as a visual scoop in order to read more than one word at a time. Before given their spoons children were told: "Just like you don't eat one Cheerio at a time for breakfast - you don't read one word at a time."  They have been scooping up a few words on their spoons and then going back for more!


Anonymous said…
This is such an awesome idea!! I will definitely use this for book in a bag!!

Christie Cooper said…
I love this idea! I'm learning so much about early reading. It helps to know the strategies you are using so that we can reinforce them at home too.
kimi chronis said…
Fun idea! I will try this at home :)

-Kimi Chronis

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