Writing About Our Writing Celebration

The day after the writing celebration, students were invited to write one more narrative piece. This writing was used as the end assessment piece for the Narrative Unit. This is Leland's piece and in it he writes about what led up to our writing celebration and the celebration itself. We really liked his piece and wanted to share it.
 One Thursday, me and my class had a PARTY! for Writer's Workshop
because tomorrow is the LAST  Small Moment story. The song was called
"Celebration Time Come On! It's Funke.
 But, before the shabangalanga we put(ted) our writing out. I mean
the ones we were working on. It had letters, pictures, blurbs and title. The 
one's that are good.
This is kind of (cindav) a How To but it's not in order.
First you set out your writing.
Second the party.
And third is the museum.
And the fun begin(s).


Anonymous said…
He's so cute! He has the best handwriting!! Proud of that sweet boy. -Jami
Lauren Morgan said…
Love when you have "shabanga langas" in class! He would write till his hands fall off if I let him:). Thanks for being two of the most inspirational teachers!!

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