100th Day of Kindergarten - Let's Celebrate

 What other way to start the celebration of 100 days in kindergarten but to have 100 balloons greet the children upon their arrival? It was the start of a great day!

This has been a day we have been talking about since the first day of school. They have been counting and marking each day as it past and it has finally arrived.


Brandi M said…
Bella is still talking about the 100th day of school! She says she loves her teachers because they make everything special in school!!
Christa said…
Piper said the 100th day was, "one of the best days ever!" She loved all of the balloons....you always go all out & we appreciate it so much :)
Wendy Chung said…
I really appreciate all that you have done in this 100 days. Love you Mall-ards!

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