"The Mitten" is just the right fit bulletin board

In Reader's Workshop, we have been reading a few of our favorite books by Jan Brett including "The Mitten" and "The Hat".  This bulletin board represents "The Mitten" and some of the activities the students have done to compliment the book. For instance, students made their mitten paper bag and orally retold the story with animal story cards; retold the story via Reader's Theater with animal masks and practiced sight words using the book as a reference. So many children could relate to this book, especially this month, with all of the cold weather lately in Florida 


Christa said…
We love Jan Brett books. The bulletin board looks wonderful! :)
Wendy said…
The bulletin board is pretty! We saw Andrew's mitten book on the board today. Amazing to see his big progress on writing ^_^
Ms. Hawas said…
I love walking by your bulletin boards. You are both so creative!

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