Writing Checklist - Making our Writing Better

 Today we worked on our Writing Checklists. This is basically a rubric that encompasses all of the writing lessons (Lucy Calkins' Writing Units) taught so far. Checklists are a daily part of our life. For instance, when we drive our car we use a mental checklist: "Do I have my keys?", "Is the garage door open?", "Is the driveway clear to back up?"  Students were told the story of "The Miracle on the Hudson" and how Captain Sullenberger went through a checklist to help him safely land the plane. 
The pictures on this checklist help to determine if the narrative story they wrote meets the rubric expectations. Below is one narrative whereby Ayden used her checklist to make sure her writing was the best it could be. Ayden later added the "Elaboration" part of the checklist to include how she felt when she saw that the "Not yet" section was checked. Making our writing easier for our readers is our #1 goal!
Page 1 - One day I wentto my cousin Emma's house. This is where I got the trampoline. It was big.
Page 2 - I got into the pick up truck and watched the guys carry the trampoline.
Page 3 - Finally I got it to Poppie's house.


Christa said…
I love the writing checklist! What a great way to help the kids learn to write and love writing :) Ayden's story was great!
Fran said…
The checklist is so perfect! And I love that you tell the story of Captain Sully! Checklists are a part of "doing business" or a nice routine to have in this instance!
Wendy Chung said…
I love how you teach the kids writing. This strategy really helps young learners retell their stories step by step. Very nice! Thank you so much teachers!!
Derrick Lipps said…
Thank you for everything you do every day. Ayden loves school, especially writing. She is constantly writing every day and her favorite thing to write currently is "how to" stories.
Anonymous said…
I am very impressed with Ayden's writing skills. Keep up the great work!
Anonymous said…
Is there place that I can get a copy of this rubric?

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