Making 3D Shapes Fun

 Students have been recognizing and learning about the 2D and 3D shapes all around them. Today they were invited to select a 3D shape and reconstruct it using mini marshmallows and toothpicks. Children are also learning the terminology when talking about their shapes: vertices, faces, and bases.  They were very pleased with their results.
 Students explained their strategies and gave tips on how to construct them to friends.

   Constructing a triangular prism.


Christa said…
How cool!! I love that you used mini marshmallows, so fun for the kids! You ladies are the best :-)
Lourdes said…
My shape wouldn't have a name . . . . Since I'd eat every marshmallow before construction was even complete. What a neat -and tasty- activity! K students blow me out of this world- or should I say sphere?- with this THREE D activity- not 2 D! WOW!
Kim M. said…
What a great idea to use the mini marshmallows! I see some future architects in this class! :)

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