Learning about George and Abe

It was no surprise when most of the children had two favorite presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. They see them almost every day on a penny, quarter, dollar bill or a silly commercial selling cars or furniture. Their familiar faces made learning fun facts about each president and listening to books about them a very interesting time for the children. Did you know Abraham Lincoln carried his important papers in his hat and George Washington returned a lost dog to a British general during the Revolutionary War? We also visited the history of the presidents site and the children had the chance to see what each president looked like...not a good reaction for most...except, of course, for George and Abe!


Christa said…
How cute! Piper was just telling me about George and Abe. She loved learning about them :) Thanks ladies!
Suzanne said…
I am cracking up. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall when you showed them the president's pictures!
Wendy said…
I love the beards kids made for Abe. Very cute! Andrew was so excited he has the same birthday as Abe and enjoyed learning the two great presidents' stories so much!
Lourdes said…
Did you know that AJ was almost named Andrew Jackson instead of Andrew Joseph? I challenge your class to learn 1 fact about President Andrew Jackson! I can't wait to hear all 36-38 details!

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