Kevin Henkes Puppets & Celebration

It is going to be sad to say goodbye to all of the Kevin Henkes characters we learned about during our author study: Owen who took his blanket everywhere; Sheila Rae who was very brave; Wendell who learned how to make a friend; and of course Lilly  who is everyone's favorite. This week students brought in the puppets they made for homework. Each child retold his/her favorite story using these puppets as props. On Friday, we celebrated by going from room to room for center activities. They made purple purses and artistic ties. They ate cheesy snacks and played Kevin Henkes bingo. It was wonderful way to cap off a great author study!


K. Tiurchy said…
That was a fun week for the kids! It's great for them to take an interest in authors as well as the books.
Candice Thornton said…
All of the puppets look great! This was a fun assignment for us!
Christa said…
All of these puppets are fantastic! What a great assignment & author study. As always, thank you for making learning so much fun!

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