Thursday, November 1, 2012

Surprise Guest Reader!

We had a surprise guest reader this week and it was Mrs. Alvarado (Shalyn's mom). During her resource time, she read the children two books, "The Cow That Laid an Egg" by Andy Cutbill and "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud. The first book was about an insecure cow who wished she had a special talent. The children found out what that talent was by the end of the book! The second book was more serious. This book told how each of us carry an invisible bucket and with everyday kindness, respect and generosity toward one another, we can fill each others buckets. That make us all feel good inside.Thank you to Mrs. Alvarado for filling our buckets with your time and great life lessons for our class.


dayle timmons said...

What a special guest reader!

Lourdes said...

Perfect timing- Sofi is SO excited to be volunteering at the Clothing Drive. She said, "we're filling people's buckets". Thank you Haley from the bottom of my heart for teaching this very important lesson to even the young ones.

Christa said...

Bryn loved sharing the 'love bucket' story with us. Her & her sister have kept this lesson close to their hearts & are trying to always keep the buckets filled :) Thanks so much Haley!!