Saturday, November 3, 2012

October 31st is Here!!

There have been a lot of celebrations going on in our classroom as of late. We had the Literary Character Parade, The Fifties Party (for the 50th day of school), and now it is the day that we love as much as the kids do, Halloween!  They came in all excited in the morning telling each other what they were going to be for this Trick or Treat night. After the initial buzz, we were able to keep them focused for Reading, Writing and Math. However, in the afternoon, they played a pumpkin game, drew the above art project, and then, because it was "Cooking Wednesday" we made our traditional "Witchy Poo Brew". First we labelled all of the ingredients and then one by one everything went into the pot. Afterward it made a delicious snack mix for all to enjoy! Thank you to James and Brody for the ingredients. See below for the recipe:

  1.  Butterfly wings - Fritos
  2. Owl's eyes -M&Ms
  3. Witches toenails - Bugels
  4. Ghoul Stomachs - Mini marshmallows
  5. Worms - Gummy worms
  6. Lizard blood - Red hots
  7. Cob webs- Triscuits
  8. Chicken toe nails - candy corn
  9. Bugs - Chocolate chip morsels
  10. Bones - Pretzel sticks

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Lourdes said...

This "treat" sounds like a " trick"! I got grossed out with the "toe nails", but I guess that was the point. What a treat to have you both as teachers!